Hello, I am a Fitness Coach,

Rachel Mailer

I encourage and support young professionals to gain confidence and food freedom without giving up your favourite foods, social or family life!

Buid your confidence with me

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Only 3 Weeks to Gain the Body You Love to Look at!

This 3 week program is designed to build your confidence through building your muscles while burning fat to tighten everything, and get healthier with a powerful combo of weightlifting and cardio workouts for 3 weeks.

Let the music drive your intensity with these fun to the beat moves, you will love your results in only 25-35 minutes a day. Trained by Megan and her team, you will be in maximum burn zone to torch your calories, lose your belly, and gain confidence in your body.

Cardio has never been more fun with the included ropes. These Cordless Indoor Jump Ropes with weighted handles are designed to get you focused on you speed and effort, without worrying about tripping. Watch the pounds drop off and in only 3 weeks! 

Dive deeper into your Nutrition

A group based on a Nutrition program that I was certified in!

You will learn:

  • Plan and prep the right sized portions, every time
  • Make healthy balanced, delicious meals 
  • Help break your sugar addiction with wholesome, healthy ingredients
  • Find your “why” and harness your real motivation to get ultimate results
  • Get the whole family healthy and involved in their own nutrition – kids actually love it
  • Fuel your body for performance when you make exercise part of your success
  • Find your community who support you and encourage your success – here you will see your confidence and motivation gain before your eyes!

What do I offer?

Nutrition is 80% of your results. Developing other areas is also important to building a more confidence and a balanced life. Click below to find out more.

Business Coaching

Learn how to create your own business from home

Lose Weight
or Build Muscle

Feel more confident, tone up, and find support

Cooking Resources

Recipes, Monthly Newsletter, Tricks and tips, Healthy Articles, Meal Prep and Kid Approved Recipe

Collagen Supplement

Grow stronger nails and hair with our collagen supplement. Scientifically proven results.

Try a Sample Today

Lack motivation or energy, want to stop cravings or have a quick nutritious meal.

What People Are Saying?

Early Years Manager

5 Day program - Lost 6 lbs in 5 days
"I LOVE this programme! It has changed my life. The programme was the perfect combination of portion control, 30-minute exercises, and using the shakes!" Lost 50 lbs. in 3 1/2 months
Devon M

3 Week program and the shakes
"You don't have to be in condition to get in better shape—you can start right where you are (everyone can dance!) and progress from there." Lost 18 lbs. in 30 days
Lisa L

21 day program
"My life has completely changed. I use my coloured containers to help me put the right portions of the right foods in my body. It's taught me the importance of eating clean whole foods in the proper portions." Lost 70 lbs. in 7 months in multiple rounds

21 day program with Deep Dive Intro Nutrition

Health & Nutrition Articles

Why Women Should Lift Weights

Build your confidence through reaching your goals more quickly and having lasting results!

Recipes the the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Mind, Body and Soul

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