Affirmation Tips

I was never the person to say that daily affirmations is what you should be doing each morning or evening. Honestly I thought it wasn’t for me and I didn’t need them. It would not work and I do not understand why people would do them.

When I started my fitness journey back in July 2019, my coach said “try some affirmations to help you get out of your rut. It helps me to stay motivated”. I told her I don’t think it would work and she advised me to have an open mind but also think about why I thought it wouldn’t work.

I began thinking about my past and some of the struggles I have overcome.

Back in 2009, I was in a toxic, controlling relationship. Every day for 2 years I was told but someone who I thought loved me that I was ugly without makeup on, I am nothing without them and whenever I came back from work I got accused of cheating (which wasn’t true, I have never cheated!) This broke down my confidence, self worth and I began over time to believe it. 

This form of emotional abuse can also be looked at as a ‘negative affirmation’, instead of my ex saying it to himself, he was directing it towards me, making me not believe in myself. I try and use my experience, good and bad and learn from them. Of course I wish that I did not experience this in my life, but unfortunately it is much more common than people think.

This made me realise that perhaps a positive affirmation would work. 


I now have been saying a positive affirmation every day for over a few years. My affirmations have changed depending on what my goals were.


E.g. If your goal is to gain confidence, be consistent with workouts and tone up your affirmation could be:


“I am more confident everyday, I push myself through the workouts and I will not give up when things get tough. I will seek support.”

Here are some quick tips to get you started:

1. Make it simple and do not overthink 

2.  Make it what you truly want: take 1 minute to think about what you truly want, write that goal down

3. Use your goal as a basis for your affirmation

4. Say it to yourself, everyday. It doesn’t matter if you do not believe it yet. That will come in time!

5. Stay consistent


From one non-believer to a now reformed believer, these positive sayings each morning really do help. They can be used at any point of the day and for any goal.

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