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One of the things I love to do is to treat myself from time to time. On Friday my beauty therapist, Catherine, finally was allowed to open back up her masseuse business.  I have been using Simply Zen Therapies for over 3 years now and not being able to have my sessions throughout lock down, I felt it all over! 

It is so important to release all that tension in your body, I used to use the steam room years ago when I went to the gym. Now I workout at home with our Digital Workout Library (like Netflix), I don’t need to. This saves me so much time not travelling in. You might be thinking but now I am travelling for my massages every few months, but this is also not the case.

My beauty therapist does not disappoint, she is professional and friendly always, flexible with working hours and mobile. Yes, you got it, I do not leave my own house! Talk about a time saver and it also saves me from putting back on my clothes after a message. Just feeling the oils on my body with my clothes on freaks me out. 

Pictures taken by Rachel Mailer

I absolutely loved my full body massage, because of the new rules surrounding Covid Catherine was not allowed to give me a facial massage but this time wasn’t wasted. She asked me what I would like to spend this time on, I chose to use it on my back and include a leg massage. Those knots in my back and shoulders always cause me trouble more so now as I haven’t been able to get them out. 

Why a massage helps after exercise?

  • helps reduce muscle soreness by reducing inflammation
  • reduces your recovery time by speeding up cell recovery

This is just what I needed after working out this week. It is very important to give yourself the rest and recovery you need. 

Rest, Roll (or stretching), and Recovery is just as important as your nutrition and fitness. This is when your body heals itself, builds up your muscles stronger, help to prevent injuries and overtime you see results. If you’re serious about your journey then you need to take your recovery time seriously. During your workouts and your rest days.

This is perfect as I work long days as an Early Years Teacher and running my own business, as well as balancing my social and family time. I can never seem to get to a message salon.

I do not know what I would do without my beauty therapist, Catherine! From massages to nails, she has me covered!

All in all I highly recommend her services and have attached a link to her website below. She often does deals during the week and many times I have received a gift card for either my birthday or Christmas. My mum also has enjoyed a this treat for Mother’s Day!www.

Simply Zen Therapies – Bringing You Holistic treatments

I would love to know what you do to relax after a week of work?
Comment below 😀

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