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Having confidence

Hey, I am Rachel

My road to coaching began with me simply wanting to gain confidence in my body and lose some holiday weight. What I gained from these programs was much more, I learnt what fuel my body needed to reach any fitness goals, how to food shop, cook for myself and family, meal plan and more. My mindset around food changed dramatically, as I tried new foods (something which was hard for me to do). I surprised myself in loving everything and wanted to learn more. I gained my nutrition program certification and with this I teach these strategies to my clients.

My journey was not a quick fix, a fad and there is no magic pill but a lifestyle change.  I wasn’t deprived of any food groups or have to give up my favourite foods to get the results. I still enjoy evenings out with my friends, pizza and sweet treats to name a few.

You will feel great about yourself again once I help match you to your dream program. I have made life long friends in the process who support my goals, help me through the struggles and we all see our dreams come true. Without this support I would have quit along time ago.

The programs I provide are flexible and fit around your schedule, with workouts from 10 minutes a day with quick and easy nutrition guides, getting healthier has never been so simple.

This journey is about feeling great once again in your skin and with the tools I provide showing you how to keep this feeling forever!

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Feeling good has never been so easy

Health and fitness information that makes you feel good about yourself.

Sustained Results

Workout and nutrition information that is flexible which you control

Simple Tools

Step by step guides to a healthier you, time management, routines and more.

Start your path to your improved mindset and stop letting yourself get in your way.

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