If Only We Could Out Exercise Our Eating Habits

I would love to say that I reached my goals purely on fitness but we all know you can’t out exercise a bad diet. The good news is what I did was not a diet and this is why it worked and it will work for you too!

People say there are some getting started tips to be healthier but never explain the how or why. Have you ever been told to drink more water, stop snacking, eat less sugar, or been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

So have I and I wondered how am I meant to do all this when I don’t know what else to eat? What do I replace my snacking with? I know I have too much sugar in my diet but if I take those calories out I’m still eating under what I should be. I forget to drink water as I have a very busy day, plus at work the water tastes bad. I am not hungry when I first get up in the morning, what am I meant to do?

I went looking for these answers at my gym; I asked a PT that worked there but they told me that they did offer a service to accommodate my needs.

Next I came across my current nutrition plan; the videos taught me how to cook quick recipes for myself in fewer than 20 minutes. How to meal plan and prep my food for the week with a break down guide; how to navigate the food store, what the stickers on foods actually mean, and how to create a sustainable life plan. I even got to fit in a quick workout as it was included. I learnt how to cook not only for myself but for other too, which even at 29 years old, I didn’t really know how other than using a microwave. I loved learning about my own nutrition and wanted to pass on this knowledge on so I became certified.

Now I share these tools and pay it forward for other people who live busy lives but who want to become healthier and more confident without having to spend hours in the gym or giving up the things they enjoy, such as a drink with friends or meal out. It has truly been a blessing and I am so grateful for all that I have learnt and how I am able to pay it forward.

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