Love the Flexibility

I added one of my favourite booty burn workouts from a different program than this 3 week fitness. I love this as it makes me more flexible which helps me move better in the workouts. I feel more confident from this and the varied workouts means that I do not get bored, with the workout library it is basically no excuse proof!

When I’m feeling low I turn to my online motivational group for support, they boost me back up and it sparks my motivation or they give me suggestions to help me get over a struggle. 

Some people think that just because I am a coach I have it all together. This is not the case, I too lose my motivation from time to time, I am not perfect, nobody is. Just like so many others I am just trying to be better than I was yesterday. 

For me it comes down to why I am doing this, yes I want to be more healthy so I can live the life I want with balance and lower health issues but my deepest truth is that I am doing that for my future family. I am building this business now, for my future children. While I can invest the time into my business (60 mins a day), and time for myself (less than 40 mins a day), I remind myself when things get tough or I want to give up, I remember this! 

I am investing in myself for the long game,  this journey isn’t a quick fix nor is building a sustainable business. I have so much fun with the fitness and business side that it is all worth it. If it wasn’t for the extra income over this pandemic I wouldn’t of been able to pay off my dept. 

No matter what you chose to do, make sure you are having a good time and with people that support you. 

After 1 year of committing to myself, I LOVE the results I’m getting. Enquire today about my coaching course and you too can change your life for the better, for your future

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