5 Tips to De-Stress Your Mornings

I recently had my first day back to my 35 hour a week teaching job. I was nervous about it as it has been quite some time away and not sure how my body would cope going back.

I was excited to be able to get back into a good routine and be able to see the children again, I know they will have grown up so much.

When I get nervous about things I tell myself to go through my 5 happy vibes, these are great to help kick off your morning routine and with these simple tips.

Here are my 5 Happy Vibes to help create a great morning routine:

1. Drink a glass of Liquid Luck to help get motivation for the day
2. Read a book for at least 10 mins
3. Say Positive Affirmations or listen to a pod cast
4. Exercise for 20-35 minutes every morning
5. Give yourself silence for at least 1 minute (that means complete relaxation for this time, try not to think too much).

For more tips please do not hesitate contact me. Please ask any questions by leaving a comment too.

Have a Happy Hump Day!! 😘

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