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Prenatal and Postnatal

Barre Baby

Program Overview
12 Months | 30 Mins/Day | Beginner

Works For
Pre- & Postnatal | Barre | Strength | Cardio

Equipment Needed
Sturdy Chair, Set of Weights (1-5 Ibs), Resistance Loops & Mat (optional)

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Top Yoga Programs
* 3 Week Retreat – from 10 minutes a day,
EZ Curl Bar with Weight Plates, Yoga Mat & Block optional | Beginner Level
* Yoga Studios – from 10 minutes per session,  Yoga | Recovery

All the programs included in the workout library have their own recovery moves and stretches. 

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Workout Library

Here are some more from our workout library, with results from real women participating and completeing these programs during their pregnancy. 

More info on Library

Your Self-Care is Important

“The first few weeks and months after having a baby can be very emotional. You may feel a huge mix of emotions from joy, love and pride to worry, sadness and frustration.” – Visit NHS Start4Life for more details on where you can find support. Your health matters to me!

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