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Success Stories

“I’ve lost 6 pounds in five days and I am absolutely amazed! I know I couldn’t of without Rachel’s help, support and motivation. Being able to have other people there who were doing the same in the groups, constant posts, workout tips was all extremely helpful. What most helped me was Rachel’s constant interaction with the group, efficient replies, encouragement and advice!”
Rosie S

“Before this 3 week workout program I felt like my life was out of control and I was going out of control. I took out my sadness about my child suffering from her condition on myself.
But after finishing this program, I don’t even recognise myself. The fire is BACK! 🔥The confidence is back. I feel STRONG! 💪”

“I started with a 3 month program, I needed to kick myself into gear and go all in. I gained much more than just achieving real confidence; I gained a positive, more focused mindset and a healthy eating habit which resulted in me losing that unwanted tummy fat. I was able to put myself first and make the time for me. Without this program and my Coaches support I know I would still feel unwanted.”

“I like how positive and encouraging Rachel is all the time, it is really motivating.”
Tony G

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