Meal Preparing and Planning

Meal preparing your own food every day con become time consuming. I recommend setting aside time once or twice a week to meal prep. Here is how:

  • Grill, steam or bake all your proteins. This works for almost anything, including chicken, beef, pork, tofu, and tempeh. As for fish, cook no more than 2-3 days prior to eating.
  • Hard-boil several eggs for an on-the-go protein hit.
  • Wash your produce and bag it (I find mason jars particularly useful)
  •  You can make a jar of your favourite healthier dressing – enquire for details
  • Cook a big pot of your favourite grain, such as brown rice or quinoa
  • Remember food doesn’t keep forever, even in the fridge. If you plan to keep meat or mixed dishes for longer than 3-4 days, pop in air tight container and store in freezer. 
Further details on how to store your foods click here.

Meal Planning for Beginners

Meal planning is crucial to your success. It helps your to stick to your food and not stack or go off track, therefore you will reach your goals more quickly. Fail to plan means you plan to fail. 

For a deeper dive into planning, you need our ultimate planning guide, included with our nutrition program. It combines food lists with meal containers, log book, tracker sheets, shopping lists and a full nutrition course to set you up for success. For more details on this course, click here.


Advanced Meal Planning

Once you have a good handle on how to create meals just using your food lists, you are ready for advanced planning using recipes.

Tips on advanced meal planning:

  • Make sure you track your meals
  • Use recipes
  • Use food lists – can start to sub food out to make new meals (only twice a week)
  • Make a shopping list

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