Your Solution is Shakeo

What is a Super-food Shakeo?

It’s a supplement that contains 75 whole nutrient dense super foods. Carefully formulated to give your body life enhancing potential for a healthier mind, body and stronger performing life. All you need to know about this super-food shake is this acronym P.A.P.A.G. but what does this stand for? Protein, Adaptogens, Phytonutrients, Antioxidants and Gut health.

How do these help your body each day?


Shakeo is that it is much more than just a protein shakeHelps to support recovery after strength and resistance training as it rebuilds your muscle growth and repairs muscle tissue. The protein usually comes from the whey which is the by-product of making cheese.

Contains 75 whole foods, all which come from plants and the nutrients that you cannot find in your normal everyday foods.

Our Vegan Shakeo is made from pea protein which has been gaining momentum in the past few years as the number one protein to consume. This protein puts less pressure on your stomach cause less GI stress. We recommend if you have a sensitive stomach, are sensitive to dairy products or are vegetarian/vegan to go with our vegan chocolate bag.

Many people are unaware that their body’s have an intolerance to Whey protein. These side-effects of consuming whey usually result in your feeling bloated regularly or feeling ‘gassy’. All can be easily fixed by just  adding this pea protein superfood drink to your diet.




These are chemical properties found in plants which have been exposed and adapted over time to extreme or stressful living conditions, such as about the tree line on a mountain. These plants thrived and developed these adaptogens in the plants DNA.

When we consume these plants, we also consume the benefits from these chemical proporties in the plant. When our body digests the plant they give us the ability to overcome stressful situations 


These are chemicals produced by plants (Stevia); which have anti-inflammatory and extra antioxidant benefits. These help the plant stay healthy, by consuming them they greatly benefit our body’s.  


Help to capture free-radicals, which form when you are unwell or are exposed to damage such as an injury. 

Gut health:

These are made up of prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Prebiotics produce more good bacteria to assist your gut microbiome

Probiotics help improve digestive health, reduce depression, promote heart health and brain function.

Digestive enzymes breaks down food into smaller molecules, which helps your gut digest your food more easily.

Why this is the Shakeo for you!

  1. More than just a protein shake

  2. Can help curb cravings and help you lose weight

  3. Takes the stress out of meal planning as can double as a meal replacement

  4. An easy grab-and-go food

5. Great source of fibre

6. Help jump start clean eating habits 

7. Tastes good and comes with delicious recipes – new recipes each month

8. Help you to break out of that never ending “kale salad” rut

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